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  • WARNING   

  • UNDER FLORIDA LAW, AN EQUINE ACTIVITY SPONSOR OR EQUINE PROFESSIONAL IS NOT LIABLE FOR AN INJURY TO OR THE DEATH OF A PARTICIPANT IN EQUINE ACTIVITIES RESULTING FROM THE INHERENT RISKS OF EQUINE ACTIVITIES.                                                                                                                                                                             

  • I, the undersigned, understand that horseback riding activities are inherently dangerous activities and that the risks inherent to participation in the activities include, but are not limited to, the possibility of collisions between horses, riders and their mounts, collisions between riders, their mounts and unmounted persons, collisions with vehicles, persons, animals, and other man-made and natural objects both on and off the premises and in or around the riding and stable facilities.       

  • In consideration for the use of the facilities of RAVEN RIDGE FARM, INC., (“RAVEN RIDGE”) including but not limited to use of the riding arena, fields, barns, paddocks, roadways and other buildings and equipment, rider, boarder, guest, visitor, or service provider whether for business, pleasure or otherwise in connection with horseback riding, jumping, or any other horse or farm-related activities (the “Activities”):   

  • I HEREBY FOREVER RELEASE, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY: RAVEN RIDGE, Kimberly Barone, Andrew J. Barone, the Kimberly Barone and Andrew J. Barone Joint Revocable Trust and its and their family members, agents, employees, principles, officers, directors, members, lessors and assigns from any cause of action, claim or demand of any nature whatsoever (including, but not limited to actions for costs and attorney’s fees) by me, and my assign, representatives, heirs, next of kin, dependents, executors, administrators or any other person or entity on my behalf, on account of any personal injury, property damage, or accident of any kind, including death of the undersigned, which may arise out of, but not limited to, the undersigned’s participation in, or observation of the activities on or about the premises of RAVEN RIDGE. I ASSUME during participation in or observation of such activities, all risk and responsibility for my own negligence and the negligence of any other party, including any negligence of RAVEN RIDGE.                                                                                                                                         __________ Initial here

  • I, the undersigned, acknowledge that no medical or veterinary emergency services are or will be provided by the Released Parties at any time, and hereby consent, direct and authorize the Released Parties to engage any emergency medical or veterinary care, diagnosis or transportation the Released Parties may deem appropriate for myself or my animals, as the case may be, inclusive of necessary treatment, diagnosis, transportation or euthanasia, whether surgical or otherwise, and that this LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE extends to any and all liability arising out of, or in any way connected to such provision or emergency medical or veterinary treatment, diagnosis or transportation. I hereby agree to assume all risk connection with or associated to such treatment, diagnosis or transportation, and to pay all costs in connection with or transportation, and to pay all costs in connections with or associated to such treatment, diagnosis, transportation or euthanasia.

  • I, the undersigned, acknowledge that RAVEN RIDGE, does not provide medical or hospitalization insurance for participants in, or spectators of equine activities at RAVEN RIDGE. I hereby certify that I and / or my child and our horse(s) will be covered by my own or other adequate insurance while participating in equine activities at RAVEN RIDGE.

  • If applicable, I, the undersigned, hereby state that I and / or my child or ward is / are physically fit to participate in the equine activities described herein and further confirm that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE; or that this LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE has been signed on behalf of the undersigned by the legal parent or legal guardian of the undersigned with whom the undersigned has discussed the nature of the equestrian activities described herein.

  • I agree that I and my child shall ALWAYS wear properly fastened protective headgear complying with the (EN) European and/or (ASTM) North American Tested Standard, while mounted on any animal at the premises of RAVEN RIDGE.

      ___________________________ Name of Adult

      ___________________________ Signature of Adult

      Phone: ____________________ Dated: _____________________

      ___________________________ Print Name of Child (under 18 yo)

      ___________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian

      Phone:_____________________ Dated:________________________

      EMERGENCY CONTACT ___________________________

      Print Name

      ________________________ Telephone Number

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