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Full Care Boarding Services

Board Pricing:

Our full board and training services are provided at a rate of $2500 per month. This includes feeding, mucking, turnout, tacking and untacking during work hours as well as training rides or lessons up to 5 days a week. We also arrange vet and farrier appointments as needed with our vet and farrier. However, if you wish to use a different vet or farrier, the appointments will be your responsibility.

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Additional Services:

We offer additional services at an additional cost, such as:

  • Pulsed Magnetic Therapeutic Blanket — $50 per 30 min

  • Body Clipping — $150 not including sedation

  • Sheath Cleaning — $55 not including sedation

Please let us know if there is an additional service you would like us to provide and we will try our best to help meet your needs.

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