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Raven Ridge Farm (RRF) in Florida specializes in quality show hunters, jumpers, and equitation horses. RRF offers full-service boarding & training programs. Our equestrian training team prepares riders to successfully compete in national horse shows from Short Stirrup to Grand Prix. Get in touch today.



Full Board and Training
  • Board is $2500 per month with full training and care included. Board includes basic care of your horse including feed, water, turnout, and mucking. Daily grooming, tacking, and untacking for training rides and lessons are included during work hours.

  • We will have the vet administer vaccinations and we administer worming routinely at your expense.

  • We arrange vet and farrier appointments as needed with our vet and farrier. If you use a different vet or farrier, the appointments will be your responsibility.

Dry Stalls
  • We offer dry stalls with prices from $650-$900 per month in season. Annual dry stalls to be negotiated

Additional Services Offered at Home
  • Pulsed Magnetic Therapeutic Blanket — $50 per 30 min


  • Lesson on RRF horse — $100 per lesson

  • Trailering In — $75 per lesson per horse


  • Sale or Lease —10% of the sale or 20% of lease price

  • Winnings — 10% of the horse’s prize money won by Andy or Kim


Horse Show Fee
  • $900 per horse per week. Fee includes full care of the horse at the show (feeding, watering, mucking, lunging, medicating, bandaging, unbraiding) lessons, coaching, rides, supplies, and expenses. The fee doesn’t include tack or groom stalls, feed or bedding, stall or entries, braiding, trailering, vet, farrier, or customer travel expenses.

Non-Boarder Horse Show Services
  • Catch rides are $50 per class with $75 min per day

  • Coaching at a horse show is $75 per day per horse

  • Approximately $1.50 per mile per horse

  • Minimum $50 one way

  • Varies per show

Contact Us Today to Learn More

When you’re looking for the best equestrian training or boarding, look no further than Raven Ridge Farm. If you’d like to learn more about any of our services, reach out to Kim and Andy Barone today.

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